Author Success Stories

Welcome to our Success Stories page, a testament to the transformative journeys of our clients who, with Authors On Mission, turned their dreams into bestselling books. Explore these inspiring tales and imagine the potential of your own story becoming our next success.


5-Year-Long Dream of Becoming a Bestselling Author Finally Comes True for This Coach

Takeaway: A bestseller is very possible, even if you’re the busiest person in the world

Doctor Uses Bestselling Book to Spread Awareness About His Ingenious Product for Diabetics

Takeaway: Bestsellers don’t require any experience in book writing, publishing, and marketing


No Followers, No Problem: Chrissa McFarlane’s Brand-Building Success with Authors On Mission

Takeaway: A bestseller can help you build your brand and following at the same time

From Tragedy to Triumph — How a Daughter’s Terrible Accident Catapults Her Mom’s Inspirational Speaking Career

Takeaway: Even human interest stories can become bestsellers


Are You Ready to Turn Your Book Idea into a Bestseller?

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