Our Process

Embark on a Life-Changing Journey with Our Comprehensive Three-Phase Book Creation, Publishing, and Marketing Strategy


In Phase 1, we lay the foundation for your literary masterpiece. Our meticulous approach ensures that your vision and voice are at the heart of the book. From selecting an Angel Writer who aligns with your thought process to crafting a well-structured outline and engaging chapters, this phase is all about bringing your ideas to life. Our editorial team guarantees that the content is polished, coherent, and ready for the world.

1. Select an Angel Writer:

Kickstart your book’s journey by choosing an Angel Writer – a unique blend of ghostwriter, mentor, and creative partner dedicated to grasping and nurturing your vision.

2. Crafting the Blueprint

Collaborate with your Angel Writer to create a comprehensive outline that will serve as the blueprint for your book, ensuring structure and clarity.

3. Generate Magnetic Titles

A dedicated specialist will brainstorm alongside you to create a captivating title and subtitle, which are vital components in capturing readers’ attention and defining your book’s trajectory.

4. Weaving Your Story

Through a series of interviews and feedback sessions, your Angel Writer will convert your insights into enthralling chapters. Your authentic voice is our priority, and with unlimited revisions, we ensure it resonates through every page.

5. Refinement through Editing

Our professional editors delve into the manuscript to refine language, tone, and structure, ensuring your book engages readers while maintaining intellectual depth.

6. Meticulous Proofreading

To achieve excellence, our eagle-eyed proofreaders comb through your book, eliminating any errors and polishing language for a flawless final draft.

7. Irresistible Cover Content

Our adept copywriters will write gripping content for the back cover, a persuasive author bio, and a potent book description to entice potential readers.

8. A Cover that Commands Attention

Our design maestros will craft an exquisite cover for both Kindle and paperback editions, ensuring it reflects the book’s essence and appeals to your target audience.

9. E-Book Formatting Elegance

We format your e-book meticulously, ensuring compatibility and an engaging reading experience across Kindle, iPad, Nook, and other platforms.

10. Perfecting Paperback Layout

Our designers create a visually appealing and reader-friendly layout for your paperback book, ensuring it is as delightful to hold as it is to read.

11. Strategic Market Positioning

Our research team performs an exhaustive market analysis, including keyword research, competitor pricing strategies, and category selection to strategically position your book.

12. ISBN and KDP Account Setup

We take care of technical essentials, including procuring ISBN numbers and setting up your Amazon KDP account.

13. Full Rights & Royalties

As the author, you retain complete ownership rights to your book and enjoy 100% of your royalties.

Phase 2: Publish

Phase 2 is where your book takes physical form. With an arsenal of creative and technical experts, we ensure that your book not only reads well but also looks incredible. Our designers create compelling covers, while our copywriters conjure enthralling content that leaves readers wanting more. Additionally, we handle the often-overlooked technical details like ISBN procurement and formatting, ensuring your book is set for success across various platforms.


After production and publishing, Phase 3 focuses on turning your book into a bestseller. Through strategic planning, rigorous promotion, and leveraging various marketing channels, we aim to cement your status as an accomplished author. By securing the coveted #1 Bestseller status on Amazon and gathering genuine reviews, we work to ensure your book not only reaches a wide audience but also leaves an indelible mark on the literary world.

14. Establishing Your Author Identity

We create and optimize your Amazon Author Central page, establishing your presence and authority as an author.

15. Bestseller Launch Strategy

Our comprehensive Book Launch Plan is laser-focused on achieving the coveted #1 Bestseller spot on Amazon. We guarantee it.

16. Promotion Across Channels

We leave no stone unturned in promoting your book. Through email marketing campaigns, social media engagement, and strategic partnerships, we ensure maximum exposure for your masterpiece.

17. Celebrate as a #1 Bestseller

Bask in the glory as your book achieves #1 Bestseller status on Amazon, a testament to your ideas and our commitment.

18. Genuine Reviews for Credibility

We help you obtain at least 10 authentic reviews from Amazon’s top reviewers and genuine readers, bolstering your book’s credibility and appeal.

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