No Followers, No Problem: Chrissa McFarlane's Brand-Building Success with Authors On Mission


Client: Chrissa McFarlane

Book: Future Women

Genre: Business and Finance

Takeaway: A bestseller can help you build your brand and following at the same time


Imagine being a woman entrepreneur with an idea for a book to inspire minority women working in a male-dominated industry, but with no substantial social media following to promote it. Chrissa McFarlane was in such a position. However, she saw the potential of a bestseller to help her grow her brand and reach. With an unclear book idea and concerns about her limited following, she approached Authors On Mission.


Before Authors On Mission

The Challenge

Chrissa had the vision to uplift minority women but was apprehensive about the challenges of authoring a book. Her lack of clarity about her book idea and concerns about her limited following seemed to be formidable hurdles.

The Approach

Despite these concerns, Chrissa took the initiative to partner with Authors On Mission. If you're someone hesitant about authoring a book due to similar concerns, Chrissa's approach can be a source of inspiration.

After Authors On Mission


Within six months, we helped Chrissa bring her vision to life with 'Future Women'. Despite the initial concerns about her social media following, the book sales rank spiked on Amazon within just a few days. Nearly 120 books were sold on a single day, and it didn’t stop there. 'Future Women' quickly became the #1 New Release in Amazon's Digital Currencies category and eventually topped the Industrial Marketing, Online Trading, and even the Health Insurance categories as a #1 bestseller.


Additional Achievements

The book's success didn’t just end with the high sales and ranks on Amazon. It opened up opportunities for Chrissa to appear on numerous podcasts and land several speaking gigs. She was also featured in several shows and articles, including Forbes. A noteworthy highlight of Chrissa's journey was a meeting with former U.S. President George Bush.


Impact on Chrissa's Business

All this success did wonders for Chrissa's business, helping it grow exponentially. It demonstrated how a bestseller can help build your brand and following simultaneously, even if you start without a large following.


Chrissa's Testimonial

In her testimonial, Chrissa praised the streamlined process at Authors On Mission. It is a testament to how we help our clients navigate the complexities of the book writing process, turning them into successful authors.


Chrissa's journey is an inspiration for anyone feeling daunted by the challenges of authoring a book. Her success, despite an unclear book idea and limited social media following, is a testament to the possibilities that open up when you choose to work with Authors On Mission. We transformed Chrissa's vision into a bestselling book that amplified her brand, and we're ready to do the same for you.

Start your journey with Authors On Mission today. With our expertise and commitment, you too can become a successful author, even if you don't have a huge following yet. Your story deserves to be told, and we're here to help you share it with the world.




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