Lists of Writing Critique Websites and Resources For Authors

 Are you a writer looking to improve your craft? Whether you write short stories, or nonfiction, or aspire to be a bestselling author, constructive feedback is an essential tool for growth. Writing critique websites can provide the valuable feedback you need to take your writing to the next level. In this article, we will explore the importance of constructive feedback in writing improvement and discuss how writing critique websites can help writers receive feedback on their work. We will also highlight the keyword: "Lists of Writing Critique Websites." So, if you're ready to enhance your skills, get feedback on your submission, or find a publisher, keep reading to discover the lists of writing websites.

Understanding Writing Critique Websites

For authors who want to hone their art and appeal to a larger audience, understanding writing critique websites is crucial. Platforms for writing critique, like Wattpad, give authors a place to publish their work and get comments from a variety of viewpoints. These platforms are designed to assist authors in honing their narrative abilities, enhancing their writing processes, and forming supportive connections with other writers. Writers can benefit from the useful views and recommendations of others who may have diverse experiences and perspectives by submitting their work for criticism. This feedback can lead to significant improvements in their writing style and storytelling abilities. Furthermore, these lists of writing critique websites and online writing communities offer opportunities to network, share resources, and stay updated with writing-related news through newsletters and query letter assistance. Overall, understanding the significance of writing critique websites and engaging in these communities is crucial for any writer looking to grow and develop their skills in creative writing.

Understanding Writing Critique Websites

Factors to Consider When Choosing on the Lists of Writing Critique Websites

lists of writing critique websites

Do you want to improve your writing abilities and get constructive criticism on your work? Choosing the correct writing criticism website may make or break your writing journey. With so many platforms accessible today, it's critical to explore a variety of criteria before selecting one that meets your needs.
You must first decide whether the writing genre they support is one you are interested in before choosing a writing criticism website. While some websites may specialize in non-fiction or poetry, others can be largely focused on fiction. Finding a community that supports the sorts of writing that you are interested in will help you locate one that supports your objectives.
Another crucial factor to consider is the feedback mechanism provided by the website. Do they offer peer reviews, expert critiques, or writing workshops? Peer reviews can provide valuable insights from fellow writers, while expert critiques may offer more in-depth analysis from professionals in the field. Additionally, writing workshops allow for collaborative learning and growth.
Consider the community atmosphere of the website you are looking to join. Is it supportive, constructive, and collaborative? A welcoming and positive environment can make a substantial difference in your writing journey, as it fosters motivation, inspiration, and the opportunity to build connections with other writers.
Consider the website's accessibility as a last consideration. Some sites provide free membership, while others offer premium membership with additional features and perks. Make an informed selection depending on your financial situation and the quantity of assistance you require.
When you evaluate these factors, you'll be well on your way to picking a writing critique website that satisfies your needs and aids in the improvement of your writing. Whether you're seeking incisive critique on your book reviews, advice on how to enhance your literary fiction, or wish to grab the attention of a literary agency or literary magazine, the right website may make or break your writing journey.

Curated List of Top Writing Critique Websites

Participating in writing criticism websites may be a game changer if you are an aspiring writer trying to better your work and obtain constructive comments. These platforms provide a supportive community as well as professional help on a variety of writing topics, such as narrative creation, character development, and dialogue refinement. Additionally, they offer opportunities for book reviews and networking with literary agents and publishers. One prominent website in this field is Scribophile, known for its interactive writing workshop where writers can receive detailed critiques of their work. In this article, we will introduce a curated list of the top writing critique websites that cater to different genres, from literary fiction to non-fiction, and guide you in finding the ideal platform to enhance your writing skills and connect with the literary world.

1. Critique Circle

Aspiring writers in today's fast-paced digital environment are continuously looking for methods to enhance their writing talents and gain vital feedback. Enter critique circle websites, an online writing community that meets these requirements. These sites allow writers to share comments and feedback on a variety of writing styles, including flash fiction and larger pieces. They provide organized courses as well as a friendly community for authors to improve and refine their skills. Whether you're a new writer seeking writing tips or an established author wishing to compose your own novel, critique circle websites may be a helpful resource for helping you improve your writing abilities and effective tools on lists of writing critique websites.

2. Scribophile

Do you want to learn how to write better and receive insightful criticism on your manuscript? Look no further than Scribophile, a writing forum where writers from different parts of the world get together to exchange ideas and support one another. Scribophile uses a karma-based approach to make sure that everyone has an equal opportunity to have their work reviewed and given comments. Scribophile provides a welcoming and stimulating atmosphere where you may interact with other writers and readers, regardless of your level of experience. Therefore, Scribophile is the only writing community advised by Medium to consider.

3. Wattpad

By giving serious authors a platform to interact with readers from all around the world, share their work, and get comments, Wattpad has become a literary mainstay. Writing platforms like Wattpad offer authors a wealth of resources and chances to advance their writing careers. Wattpad offers a platform where authors can polish their skills and get encouragement from other authors, including writing contests, prompts, and courses. With such a large online community, Wattpad has established itself as a go-to site for authors wishing to promote their work and advance their careers as authors.


The remarkable website gives authors a place to share their work, network with other authors, and get insightful criticism. caters to writers of many genres and types with its extensive collection of writing prompts, writing cooperatives, and common writing tools. This platform is certain to contain something to inspire and improve your writing abilities, whether you are interested in short stories, poems, plays, or essays. Take your work to new heights by joining the hundreds of other authors who are already a member of this dynamic online community.

5. Absolute Write Water Cooler

A thriving online community for writers, Absolute Write Water Cooler provides a variety of writing tools and services. This platform offers a place where you can participate in entertaining writing conversations, ask for criticism on your work, and interact with other authors, whether you're a passionate beginning or an accomplished wordsmith. offers a refuge for people wishing to study short fiction, poetry, and everything connected to the craft of writing with its extensive forums dedicated to numerous genres and writing approaches. Absolute Write Water Cooler offers authors the chance to upload their work and fosters a supportive atmosphere for development and progress as the largest online community of its type.

6. The Next Big Writer

Are you a budding writer searching for a venue to share your gifts and develop your abilities? The Next Big Writer is the only place to look. Authors may share their work, get criticism, and interact with other writers from across the world on this exclusive online forum for writers. The Next Big Writer has something to offer you, whether you're interested in creating science fiction and fantasy or are just searching for writing advice and practice. This group offers a helpful setting to talk about writing objectives and favorite writing tips because of its varied membership, which includes both seasoned authors and emerging writers. Support writers on their road to success by becoming a member of The Next Big Writer now.

7. Now Novel

Are you an aspiring writer searching for a supportive community to give criticism and guidance? Now Novel is the place to be. This website offers authors a step-by-step strategy for honing the brand and skills. Because of the proliferation of social networking sites and writing software, writing is now more accessible than ever. The Next Big Writer capitalizes on this trend by allowing authors to interact and learn from one another. The Next Big Writer has you covered whether you want to create practice pieces or obtain comments on your newest masterpiece. Join this online writing and publishing group to advance your writing.

8. My Writers Circle

A vibrant online community that serves the requirements of regular writers, My Writers Group. It gives a platform for authors to communicate with like-minded individuals, share their distinctive work, and engage in smart discussions about anything and everything related to writing. My Writers Circle kindly invites you to join their thriving group, regardless of your degree of writing ability, desire to become an author or simple love of words. This website is a great source of inspiration and development since it offers monthly writing challenges, writing forums, and online creative writing activities. So, My Authors Circle is the place to go if you want to get in touch with other authors and get helpful criticism on your writing.

9. Write On by Kindle

A wonderful tool developed by Amazon, Write On by Kindle gives authors the chance to interact with a wide audience and share their unfinished works. This ground-breaking website makes it possible for prospective writers to get insightful reader comments, encouraging an interactive and group writing process. Write On provides writers with a supportive environment to showcase their creative talents and receive constructive criticism to further enhance their skills. Whether you are a budding writer seeking guidance or an established author looking to engage with fellow literary enthusiasts, Write On by Kindle is the perfect platform to share and refine your writing journey.

10. Inkitt

Whether they are aspiring writers or seasoned pros, Inkitt is a network made to connect like-minded authors. With the help of this ground-breaking platform, authors can put their thoughts to good use by sharing their books, attracting readers, and receiving insightful criticism that helps them become better writers. Inkitt offers a place for freelance writing and the chance for authors to engage with a community of many people who share their interests, with a focus on the narrative that may assist new writers to hone their skills. Inkitt is a comprehensive resource for anybody wishing to improve their writing skills since it also provides publications designed expressly to help and encourage writers and included on lists of writing critique websites.

Balancing Feedback and Maintaining Your Voice To Improve Your Writing

All authors look for criticism of their work. The thoughts and observations of others may be quite helpful in assisting us in developing and honing our writing abilities, regardless of whether we are amateur writers or seasoned pros. To keep our own voice as authors, it's crucial to find a balance between integrating comments and doing so. This is especially important for female authors since they frequently encounter extra obstacles and prejudices in the publishing industry.
One way to navigate through varied feedback and opinions is by turning to books for writers. These resources provide valuable advice on how to filter and evaluate feedback, allowing us to apply selective changes that align with our stylistic choices and literary vision. The advent of self-publishing platforms has given women authors even more autonomy over their creative output. Women authors may sidestep conventional gatekeepers by self-publishing and have the option to submit their work online for a larger audience to find.
When it comes to seeking feedback, platforms dedicated to cultivating new writers and providing a supportive community can be extremely useful. These platforms not only allow authors to share and get feedback on their work, but they also enable dialogues and help writers interact with one another. This enables a mutually beneficial exchange of ideas and observations, eventually assisting each writer in growing and improving their art.
Examining well-known stories and stories that are pertinent to our writing goals might help us develop the ability to balance criticism with maintaining our originality. We may better grasp what appeals to readers and learn how to incorporate constructive criticism into our own works by reading and examining great works in the genre we enjoy.
In conclusion, it is critical for authors to get criticism and take into account suggestions while maintaining their own distinctive voices. We may navigate through a variety of comments, develop as writers, and eventually enhance our craft by utilizing powerful tools like books for writers, self-publishing platforms, and platforms for new authors. So let's welcome comments, take constructive criticism into account, and keep telling our tales as truthfully as we can.

lists of writing critique websites

Tips for Effective Engagement on Common Writing Critique Websites

Many writers, particularly self-published authors, rely on popular writing criticism websites to hone their skills and receive constructive comments on their work. These websites allow authors to post their work and receive comments from other authors. These websites frequently offer special calls for submissions that might assist writers of science fiction and fantasy in finding the correct audience for their works. Peer feedback should be intelligent and helpful if you want to participate in these online groups successfully. This means offering specific examples and suggestions for improvement rather than simply saying whether a piece is good or bad. Additionally, navigating subjectivity is crucial in embracing diverse perspectives. Writers must remember that not all feedback will align with their vision or style, and that is okay. Engaging in respectful discussions and being open to different opinions will lead to a more enriching experience. Lastly, building genuine relationships within online writing communities is key. Taking the time to read and comment on other writers' work, offering practical tips and advice, and participating in discussions further establish connections and foster a supportive environment. By following these tips, writers can make the most out of their engagement on common writing critique websites 

readers that giving opinion

Growing Your Writing Skills with Consistent Feedback to Make Your Writing Better

If you want to grow your writing skills and make your writing better, consistent feedback is key. There are numerous platforms and lists of writing critique websites where writers can receive feedback on their work. One recommended platform is Medium, which offers writing courses and a community of writers who are eager to help each other improve. The Young Authors Society is another venue where young authors may share their work and receive critical critique. You may post your tales and articles to these sites, and fellow authors will give criticism to help you improve your writing. One way to put this feedback to good use is by searching for stories in your preferred genre and studying the work of others. By analyzing the techniques and styles of successful writers, you can gain inspiration and learn new ways to improve your own writing. Additionally, sharing personal anecdotes of improvement through feedback can be an excellent way to inspire and motivate other writers. When authors freely express how positive feedback has influenced their writing, it encourages others to see critique as a beneficial learning tool. So, if you want to improve your writing, seek criticism on a regular basis and be willing to learn from others.

Feedback of the reader


Consistently seeking comments on your writing is one of the finest methods to improve your writing abilities. There are several sites that offer this chance, and Medium is one that is strongly suggested. You may publish your work on this self-publishing website and get comments from a wide range of readers and authors. Online periodicals are also excellent resources for feedback. They often have specific sections where you can submit your writing and receive critiques from experienced editors and writers. These platforms usually allow you to search by genre, so you’ll be able to find the right audience for your work. By writing online and engaging with these platforms, you’ll find that you not only receive feedback but also learn from the work of others and discover this lists of writing critique websites.
The importance of writing critique websites cannot be overstated. In order to develop as a writer, constructive criticism is essential. It helps you to identify your benefits and drawbacks as well as your growth prospects. You can build your voice and improve your writing with regular criticism. Additionally, you may observe your work from other views and get new ideas with the aid of criticism from various viewpoints.
As a writer, it is essential to explore various platforms and evolve this is the way to improve your writing. While feedback from critique websites is invaluable, don't limit yourself to just one platform. Ensure that you experiment with different platforms to gain exposure and reach different audiences. This will extend your perspectives in addition to improving your writing abilities. By allowing you to adapt to numerous genres and writing styles, accepting new platforms aids in your development as a writer. Remember that the more you push yourself and venture beyond your comfort zone, the more you will learn and develop your writing skills lastly I hope this lists of writing critique websites help you improve your writing skills.

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