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Authors On Mission provides comprehensive support to entrepreneurs and business professionals in writing, publishing, and promoting their non-fiction books.

Our extensive range of services includes ghostwriting, desinging, publishing and dedicated marketing for both the book and the author. We've addressed some of the most frequently asked questions about our services in these FAQs.

What exactly does Authors On Mission do?

Authors On Mission, founded in 2014, helps authors write, publish, and sell their books. We handle everything from writing the book for you (ghostwriting), to editing, designing, publishing, and marketing. We've worked with over 500 entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, speakers, and thought leaders to turn their ideas into bestselling books.

What's the difference between the Done-For-You Bestselling Book Package and the Done-With-You Bestselling Book options?

In our "Done-For-You" package, we handle everything for you, including ghostwriting, editing, designing, publishing, and marketing your book to become a #1 bestseller. Just relax and we'll make sure your book is exactly how you want it, with guaranteed success and as many changes as you need.

In the "Done-With-You" package, you write the book yourself. We provide a training program to help you write your book in under three months. After you've written it, we take care of the rest, like editing, designing, publishing, and marketing, to make your book a #1 bestseller.

How can I decide between the Done-For-You Bestselling Book Package and Done-With-You Bestselling Book options?

The decision between the "Done-For-You Bestselling Book Package" and the "Done-With-You Bestselling Book Package" depends on your budget, time availability, and comfort with writing.

If you have a higher budget and prefer a hands-off approach, the Done-For-You package would be ideal. We'll do most of the work, and you won't have to devote much time to the writing process.

On the other hand, if you're budget-conscious and are comfortable with writing or wish to be more involved in the writing process, the Done-With-You package could be more suitable. You'll write the book and we'll still handle the editing, publishing, and promotional tasks.

Remember, both packages guarantee a professionally produced book and bestseller status, so it's really about your personal preference and circumstances.

Does Authors On Mission collaborate with every authors?

No, we don't work with every author who comes to us. We are selective and reject about 40% of requests. We focus on two main criteria:

  1. Does the author have a deep understanding of their topic? Our process is effective, but the author needs to be knowledgeable about their subject.
  2. Is the author clear about their book's purpose and what they hope to achieve? A book should have a clear goal and expected benefits.

Additionally, we don't work on fiction and children's books. We specialize in business, self-help, non-fiction, and memoirs. Our initial step is to determine if an author's goals are realistic. If they aren't, we won't proceed, as it's important for us to avoid situations where authors are unhappy due to unmet, unrealistic expectations.

Are there individuals who should avoid working with Authors On Mission?

Sure, not everyone is a good fit for our services. As mentioned in the previous question, we turn down about 40% of requests. Here's who might not find our services suitable:

  1. Fiction authors: We focus solely on non-fiction books.
  2. Those without expertise in their subject.
  3. People unsure about their book's purpose: If you don't have clear reasons or goals for writing a book, working with us might not be right for you. We require both a financial and personal commitment, so a clear purpose is essential.
Is it possible to work in languages other than English with Authors On Mission?

Currently, we solely operate in English and do not support other languages.

Does Authors On Mission cater to fiction books?

No, at present, our services do not encompass fiction books, children's books, cookbooks, or textbooks.

Will I retain all the rights to my book?

Yes, you keep all the rights to your book. This means you own the copyright and can decide how your book is printed and shared. You're free to make any choices about your book.

Do I receive the full profits from the sale of my book?

Yes, you keep all the royalties from your book's sales. We don't take any part of it. Everything is set up in your name, so you own all the earnings and rights.

Who serves as the publisher for my book?

At Authors On Mission, we have three publishing imprints: Authors On Mission, and The Books Factory. All of these imprints are fully owned by Authors On Mission. However, you are not obligated to choose either of these as the publisher for your book. We can establish a new publishing company with a name of your choice. The decision of the named publisher rests entirely with you.

How do royalties work?

As the author, you retain 100% of the royalties generated by your book.

While Authors On Mission does not claim any share of your book's profits, certain costs, such as Amazon's fees and printing expenses, must be covered.

For eBooks, you receive 70% of the royalties, with Amazon taking 30%. In the case of paperbacks, Amazon retains 40% of the royalties, the printing cost amounts to approximately $3 per book, and the remainder goes to you.

Why doesn't Authors On Mission take royalties?

We don't take royalties because it doesn't really help us work better for you. Instead, we charge a fee and let you keep all the rights and money from your book. This way, we focus on making sure your book meets your goals, like getting speaking jobs, finding clients, or growing your influence. If we took royalties, we'd just focus on selling more books, which might not match your goals. Our main goal is to help you succeed and make your book as impactful as possible.

Is Authors On Mission considered a self-publishing platform?

While Authors On Mission is a kind of self-publishing, it's more professional than what people usually think of as self-publishing.

People often worry about the quality of self-published books, but our services are all about making sure your book looks and feels professional. You use our services because you want your book to be well-made and meet high standards.

How does Authors On Mission support marketing and promotion for my book?

At Authors On Mission, we specialize in getting your book off to a strong start. We assist with the initial sales and reviews, crucial elements for a successful book launch. Furthermore, we promise to launch your book as a #1 bestseller on Amazon – that's a guarantee from our team.

In addition to these core services, we offer several valuable add-ons to further boost your book's reach and success. These include:

  1. Wall Street Journal Bestseller Campaign: An advanced campaign aimed at placing your book on the prestigious Wall Street Journal bestseller list, enhancing its credibility and visibility.
  2. Amazon Ads: We create and manage Amazon advertising campaigns to target potential readers, increasing the visibility and sales of your book on the platform.
  3. Podcast Booking Services: This service helps you get featured on relevant podcasts, a great way to reach new audiences and promote your book effectively.

Each of these add-ons is designed to complement the initial launch, providing a comprehensive strategy for not just launching your book successfully, but also ensuring its continued success and relevance in a competitive market.

What if I'm not satisfied with my book?

It's normal for authors to not like their first drafts. Most authors feel this way at some point.

To help with this, we do many rounds of revisions and corrections. You'll always know what's happening with your book, and we'll work together on it. We always use your feedback to make changes.

All of our authors end up happy with their books after the final revisions.

We'll do our best to give you the book you want. If needed, we can have more editors work on your book or do more editing rounds. Our main goal is to make the best book possible, and we'll do everything we can to make that happen.

Who handles the book cover design, and can I provide feedback on it?

Highly skilled professionals will design your book cover and the interior layout of your manuscript. You'll have complete creative control over this process. We'll design the cover based on your feedback and offer unlimited revisions until you're satisfied with the final result.

What is the typical length of a book?

The length of a book really depends on the author and the topic. We don't have strict rules about how long a book should be, but usually, our authors' books are around 150 pages.

We've found that this length works well for non-fiction books. It's not too long, so it doesn't scare readers away, making them more likely to buy and read the book. At the same time, it's long enough for authors to say what they need to without repeating themselves or adding unnecessary stuff. We believe a book should be just long enough to get its message across well.

Who will I collaborate with throughout the process?

During the publishing process, you'll have a team to help you, led by a Publishing Manager. This manager will be your main contact person, making sure you end up with a great book.

What if I have multiple book ideas?

Many authors have more than one book idea. If you're an expert in something, you probably know a lot that others would find interesting, maybe even more than you think. For most of our authors, the real question is how many book ideas they have and which one to write first.

We help you pick the best book idea based on what you want to achieve. We'll guide you to understand why you're writing the book, who you want to read it, and the most important ideas you can share with them. We do this before you have to pay anything. We want to make sure we're a good fit for each other before we start working together.

Should I have a clear understanding of my book's focus before contacting you?

No, please contact us first. Our specialty is helping authors figure out and fine-tune their book ideas. We can help you see if you have a good book idea and make it clear before you decide to work with us.

Our Author Strategists are really good at helping authors understand their unique book ideas and deal with any doubts.

In our consultation call, we'll help you figure out where your book fits in, what its main message is, and answer three important questions:

  1. What do you want your book to achieve?
  2. Who do you want to read it?
  3. What interesting and valuable things will your book tell this audience?

This way, you can be sure about your book idea and how it will help you reach your goals before you spend any money.

What if I'm afraid to write my book?

It's very common for authors, including experienced ones, to have fears like "What if people don't like my book?" or "What if I get bad reviews?" These kinds of worries are normal.

If you're feeling these fears or have other concerns, it's important to talk to us about them. We specialize in helping authors work through and overcome fears like these and other emotional challenges.

How many books must I sell to recoup my investment?

From what we've seen, the real profit from writing a book isn't in the royalties. It's hard to earn a lot just from selling a book for $10. However, a book can open many opportunities for you to earn money in other ways.

A book can help you find high-paying clients, get speaking gigs, and build your brand. For instance, if you're a coach or consultant charging $5,000 per client, just six new clients from your book can bring in $30,000.

If you're a speaker charging $10,000 per gig, then just three speaking engagements that come from your book can cover your costs.

Many of our clients make a lot of money from these kinds of opportunities that come from their book, beyond just book sales.

How can I generate income from my book?

A book can help you make money in many ways. It's a great tool for marketing and can do a lot of things like make you more visible, show you're an expert, get leads for your business, bring in clients, get you speaking jobs, help sell products, start new businesses, and more. Check out our Success Story page to see how our authors are using their books to earn a lot of money.

How does Angel Writing compare to Ghostwriting?

While ghostwriting might involve a similar process of drafting your book, it often falls short when it comes to capturing the essence of your ideas, stories, and personal voice. This can result in a manuscript that, while completed in a reasonable timeframe, doesn't truly reflect your thoughts or personality.

In contrast, our Angel Writing approach prioritizes a deep understanding of you and your vision. We focus on preserving your unique voice throughout the book by conducting in-depth interviews to gather your thoughts and ideas. This approach ensures that the final manuscript is authentically yours. Furthermore, our service offers unlimited revisions, making sure the final product aligns perfectly with your vision.

How do Authors On Mission help me find the right Angel Writer?

We take a hands-on, personalized approach to match you with the ideal Angel Writer. You'll start by filling out a comprehensive form about your book idea and vision, which is then shared with our extensive network of nearly a thousand Angel Writers.

Based on the responses we receive, we'll handpick a shortlist of5-6 writers best suited to your project. You'll then have the opportunity to review their profiles, writing samples, and their motivation to work on your project. This gives you the freedom to choose a writer that resonates with your ideas and aspirations for the book.

Could you detail how the Angel Writing process works?

The Angel Writing process involves six distinct steps:

  1. Book Idea Consultation: This is the initial phase where we understand your motivations for writing the book, the targeted audience, and the ways it could benefit both the reader and your personal or business brand.
  2. Topic Selection: Here, we zero in on the central theme of your book, setting you up as an authority on the subject. Together, we brainstorm the key ideas and concepts you wish to include in your book.
  3. Outline Creation: This involves setting up a structured framework for your book and populating it with your content ideas. The outcome is a comprehensive table of contents.
  4. Interviews: The Angel Writer conducts in-depth interviews based on the outline, probing for information from a reader's perspective to ensure all essential details are covered.
  5. Book Writing: The Angel Writer uses the recorded interviews to draft each chapter, creating a first draft that echoes your voice and perspectives.
  6. Revisions: This stage involves refining and finalizing the manuscript, with unlimited revisions to ensure that your book perfectly encapsulates your message and voice.
What potential income could I earn from my book?

While we can't provide a definitive figure for your book's potential earnings, we do ensure it achieves best-seller status. Many of our clients have successfully utilized their best-selling books to amplify their personal brand, securing more clients, speaking opportunities, and publicity, leading to increased revenue.

How many sales do you guarantee for my book?

We can't provide a specific sales guarantee because it largely depends on your book's category. But, we do guarantee your book will reach the #1 best-seller status, which itself is an excellent marker for success.

How many sales do you aim for to make my book a bestseller?

On Amazon, we don't have a fixed sales number. Instead, we research the daily sales of top books in your category and aim to surpass that, ensuring your book becomes a bestseller. For the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, we target over 6,000+ sales in a week.

How many reviews do you aim to get for my book?

During the book's launch period, our target is to acquire 15+ reviews, a crucial factor for potential readers and overall book credibility.

Do you provide refund?

We don't offer refunds, but we do provide unlimited revisions to ensure your satisfaction with the final book. Furthermore, we guarantee achieving a #1 best-seller status within six months, assuring you of our commitment to the success of your book.

Can I customize the services you offer?

Yes, we do provide the option to customize our services according to your specific needs.

How long does it take to complete the service?

The duration primarily depends on your availability for interviews, but typically, we can deliver all our services in 6-9 months.

Can I receive a paperback version of the book at my address?

Yes, we can definitely arrange for a paperback version to be delivered to your address. Additionally, you have the option to order unlimited copies at the production cost.

How many copies of my book can I get?

There's no limit to the number of copies you can purchase. You have the option to buy as many as you need at the production cost.

How do you ensure my book becomes a #1 Amazon Bestseller?

We employ a variety of strategies, including analyzing daily sales volumes in your category, partnering with ebook deal websites, leveraging Amazon advertising, and collaborating with influencers. This holistic approach is designed to boost your book's sales, securing its position as a #1 bestseller.

How do you ensure my book becomes a Wall Street Journal Bestseller?

To achieve a spot on the Wall Street Journal bestseller list, we target over 6,000 sales in a week. This is accomplished by using effective strategies like ebook promotion websites, Facebook and Amazon Ads, BookBub campaigns, and influencer marketing.




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