The Empower Plan

Turn Your Book Idea into a Bestseller with Expert Coaching.

Do you have a book inside you, waiting to be written, but need guidance to bring it to life?

The Empower Package is your personalized path to becoming a published author. We provide expert coaching to guide your writing process, then take over with professional editing, publishing, and marketing to ensure your book reaches bestseller status.

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John Chappelear

"If you're thinking of writing, publishing or marketing your book, I highly recommend working with Authors On Mission."

John Chappelear

Changing The Focus

Author of The Daily Six

Unlock Your Business Potential with a Bestselling Book

Discover how becoming a published author can transform your business and career:

Skyrocket Your Lead Generation

Your book becomes a powerful lead magnet, attracting high-quality prospects directly into your sales funnel. Watch as readers transform into eager clients, drawn to your expertise and solutions.

Elevate Your Speaking Career

As a bestselling author, you'll find doors opening to exciting speaking opportunities. From podcast interviews to keynote speeches and even TED Talks, your book amplifies your voice and expands your reach.

Diversify Your Income Streams

Our successful authors have leveraged their books to create lucrative new revenue channels. Launch online courses, exclusive coaching programs, innovative services, or even apps – all stemming from the authority of your published work.

Establish Unquestionable Expertise

A published book cements your status as an industry leader. This enhanced credibility often leads to premium consulting gigs, sought-after media appearances, and accelerated business growth.

Build a Lasting Legacy

Beyond immediate business benefits, your book creates a lasting impact. Share your knowledge, inspire others, and leave a professional legacy that continues to work for you long after publication.

Embrace the power of authorship and watch as it catalyzes your business success in ways you've only imagined. Your book is not just a product – it's a transformative business tool waiting to be unleashed.


"Thanks to Authors On Mission, I now have the social proof and the credibility and people all around the world being familiar with our story."

Meridith Alexander

Creative Talent Strategies, Inc.

Author of The Sky is the Limit

Is this for you?

Do you have a book idea but need expert guidance to bring it to life?

Are you looking for a structured approach to writing your book with professional support?

Do you want personalized feedback and advice throughout your writing journey?

Are you excited about writing your own book but want the security of expert coaching?

Are you seeking a more affordable option than full ghostwriting, but with more support than a DIY approach?

Are you looking for accountability and motivation to complete your book?

Are you interested in leveraging a book to boost your authority and open new business opportunities?

Are you ready to invest in a high-quality book that reflects your professional standards?

Do you dream of seeing your name on a professionally written and marketed book?

Do you want to ensure your self-written book meets professional standards?

Are you excited to write your book knowing that once it's done, we'll handle all the remaining steps of editing, publishing, and marketing?

If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, the Empower Package might be the perfect fit for you. This package offers a guided approach to writing your book, combining your efforts with expert coaching and support.

Once you've completed your manuscript, we'll take care of all the remaining steps to get your book published, marketed, and on its way to bestseller status.

How We Empower Your Authorship Journey

Our comprehensive Empower Package guides you through writing your book while handling all aspects of publishing and marketing. We provide the perfect balance of expert coaching and professional services, ensuring your book reaches its full potential.

Book Writing Coaching

Expert Guidance During the Writing Phase

Step-by-Step Guidance: Receive personalized advice and support through 8 coaching calls with an experienced book coach.

Expert Feedback: Get detailed feedback to refine your ideas and enhance your writing.

Craft Your Book: Learn how to effectively structure and develop your manuscript with professional advice.

"I'm really thankful to Vikrant and his team at Authors On Mission for helping me write my book."

Dr. John Burd

CEO, Lysulin and Wonder Spray

Author of The Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic


Comprehensive Editing & Proofreading

Polish your manuscript to perfection.

Professional Editing: Enhances clarity, coherence, and style, making your book more engaging and readable.

Proofreading: Corrects all grammatical, punctuation, and spelling errors, ensuring a flawless final product.

Maintain Your Voice: Our editors preserve your unique voice and intent while improving the overall quality of the manuscript.

Quality Assurance: Rigorous review process to deliver a polished and professional book ready for publication.

"Using this service really streamlines the book writing and publishing process. I highly recommend!

Chrissa McFarlane

CEO, Patientory, INC.

Author of Future Women


Professional Cover Design & Formatting

Make a lasting first impression with a professional appearance.

Eye-Catching Cover Design: Attracts readers with a compelling and visually appealing cover that represents your book’s core message.

Professional Formatting: Ensures a seamless reading experience on all devices, from e-readers to printed books.

Consistency: Both digital and print editions are formatted for optimal readability and aesthetic appeal.

Market Appeal: Our designs are crafted to stand out on the shelf and in digital libraries, increasing the likelihood of attracting readers.

"Thanks to the new book cover alone, I'm selling significantly more books now, without any other changes."

Terry Begue


Author of Attract & Keep Customers For Life


ISBN, Publishing & Distribution

Get your book out to the world with ease.

ISBN Assignment: Provides your book with a unique identifier, essential for sales and cataloging.

Publishing: We prepare and upload both your eBook and paperback to major platforms like Amazon, ensuring your book is available to a global audience.

Author Central Page: We establish your Author Central page on Amazon, enhancing your author identity and connecting you with readers.

Full Rights & Royalties: You retain 100% of the rights and royalties, keeping full control over your work and earnings.

"If you're looking for top-notch design for your own book project, I highly recommend reaching out to Authors On Mission.

Dr Lusia Fomuso

Pharmacogenomics Expert

Author of Thank You, Essential Heroes


Guaranteed Book Sales, Reviews & #1 Amazon Bestseller

Achieve immediate market success, build credibility, and reach the pinnacle of success with a bestseller status.

Guaranteed Book Sales: We implement strategies to boost initial sales, helping your book gain traction quickly.

Verified Reviews: We secure at least 15 authentic reviews from top reviewers and genuine readers during the book launch, enhancing your book’s credibility and appeal.

Guaranteed #1 Bestseller Status: Our comprehensive campaign is designed to propel your book to the #1 spot on Amazon.

Opportunities: Achieving bestseller status opens doors for speaking engagements, consulting opportunities, and more.


"With their help, I had sales out of this world. I became a number #1 bestselling author in three leadership categories."

Nicole Smith

CEO, JMS Creative

Author of 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets

Ready to Write Your Bestseller with Expert Guidance?

Transform your expertise into a #1 bestseller with personalized coaching and full publishing support. Our Empower Package is your guided path to authorship.

Craft your book with one-on-one expert coaching

Enjoy a structured writing process that keeps you on track

Receive professional editing to polish your manuscript

Benefit from full publishing and marketing services

Guarantee your spot on the bestseller list

Boost your authority while developing your writing skills

Don't let your valuable insights go unshared. With our Empower Package, you'll write the book you've always dreamed of—and we'll ensure it becomes a bestseller.

Take the first step towards becoming a published author. Let's collaborate to bring your unique voice to the world and elevate your professional status.

Your Investment


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"Their team, their process, their services are without a doubt, best in class and well worth the investment."

Mike Giaimo

Founder, Leverage Resources

Author of The Professional You

Is the Empower Plan Right for You?

Wondering if the Empower Package is your ideal path to authorship? Consider these questions:

Do you have valuable expertise to share but need guidance to structure it into a book?

Are you excited about writing your own book with professional coaching support?

Do you prefer a balance of hands-on writing and expert assistance?

Are you looking for accountability and motivation to complete your book?

Do you want personalized feedback and advice throughout your writing journey?

Are you seeking a more affordable option than ghostwriting, but with more support than self-publishing?

Do you want to leverage your book to grow your business or speaking career?

Are you excited about the idea of co-creating your book with expert input?

Do you feel confident in your ideas but want help in expressing them effectively?

If you answered "yes" to several of these questions, the Empower Package could be your perfect fit. This package offers a unique blend of personalized coaching and professional publishing services to guide you from your initial concept to a published bestseller.

"We sold over a thousand copies the first week alone. Authors On Mission rocks!"

Vance Hilderman

CEO, AFuzion Incorporated

Author of The Aviation Development Ecosystem


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