Doctor Uses Bestselling Book to Spread Awareness About His Ingenious Product for Diabetics


Client: Dr. John F. Burd

Book: The Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic

Genre: Health

Takeaway: Bestsellers don’t require any experience in book writing, publishing, and marketing


Dr. John F. Burd, an innovator in the field of diabetes research, had made a groundbreaking discovery - Lysulin, a natural alternative to insulin. While Lysulin was promising, the task of amplifying its benefits to a wider audience seemed daunting. Enter Authors On Mission. With no prior experience in book writing, publishing, or marketing, Dr. Burd partnered with us to illuminate his discovery to the world.


Before Authors On Mission

The Challenge

Dr. Burd's scientific breakthrough was a significant achievement. Yet, he faced the conundrum of how to communicate his work effectively to a non-medical audience. He needed a means to transform his medical innovation into a compelling narrative, accessible to the wider public.

The Approach

Despite the uncertainties of venturing into the publishing world, Dr. Burd contacted Authors On Mission. His courage to share his expertise beyond his professional sphere is an inspiration for many experts who may be hesitant due to a lack of experience in writing or publishing.

After Authors On Mission


Six months from the start of the project, "The Natural Solution to the Diabetes Epidemic", was not only written and published but rapidly climbed Amazon’s charts, becoming the #1 hot new release in the Diabetes category. The recognition didn't stop there, as it soon bagged the #1 bestseller spot in the same category.


Additional Achievements

The book's success granted Dr. Burd opportunities to appear on numerous podcasts and TV shows, effectively spreading awareness about Lysulin. The pinnacle of this success was when Lysulin caught the attention of Hollywood, with several celebrities becoming users of the product.


Impact on Dr. Burd's Business

The effects of his book's success significantly amplified Lysulin's business performance. The high sales and media appearances worked wonders in spreading the word about Lysulin's product, leading to an impressive doubling of the business. This triumph illustrates how a bestselling book can elevate an existing business to greater heights and broader reach, even making its way into Hollywood circles.


Dr. Burd's Testimonial

Dr. Burd's sincere testimonial encapsulates his journey with Authors On Mission. His words highlight the seamless transformation of his idea into a successful book, thanks to our expert team, even without any prior experience in writing or publishing.


Dr. Burd's journey, from a medical expert to a bestselling author, is a testimony to the power of sharing knowledge through the right platforms. With Authors On Mission, he was able to not only put his revolutionary discovery into words but also double his business and gain celebrity endorsement.

If you're an expert in your field with valuable insights to share, don't let the lack of writing or publishing experience hold you back. At Authors On Mission, we can help you transform your ideas into a successful book, just like we did for Dr. Burd. Start your journey with us today, and let's create the next inspiring success story together.




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