Best Book Formatting Software Platforms for Self-Publishing Authors

It is tough to format books for those without any idea how to arrange a book design. It may be assisted by software for book formatting.
Book formatting software, also known as formatting tools, is a program that helps writers structure works for printing and publishing on online platforms. The user-friendly interface allows authors to easily modify such elements as margins, fonts, headings, etc., resulting in a high-quality finished product.
Unknown authors have increased chances of realizing their novels through self-publishing. However, creating a book’s layout is not that simple, especially if one doesn’t have any knowledge about designing and typing. It can be assisted by software designed for book formatting.
Book formatting software, also known as formatting tools, which assists writers in structuring their works for print or electronic publication. The UI provided is user-friendly for authors to easily change margins, fonts, heads, and others and come up with polished masterwork.

DIY Best Book Formatting Software Platforms

best book formatting software

Reedsy Book Editor

Among the best book formatting softwares that an author can adopt when self-publishing is the Reedsy Book Editor. This is a very potent tool that enables one to do an aesthetic layout of their schoolbooks for paper as well as e-format. The authors use a convenient tool with a straightforward interface that helps create a manuscript that conforms to industry requirements for a perfect result. It boasts varied formatting options and therefore gives authors a chance to personalize their books at will. The software offers authors options ranging from adjusting margins, adding page headers and footers as well and formatting texts that help them develop an appealing final copy. Moreover, the Reedsy Book Editor has a default book-writing software, named Atticus, which means that authors have all they need in this one tool. On price and accessibility of the product, there are no charges for using Reedsy Book Editor, as well as no subscription. The user feedback on this software has been excellent and may best book formatting software; many have lauded its simplicity in use as well as excellent output.


My favorite in book formatting certainly is vellum, which I think is among the best in this regard nowadays. Unlike a traditional word processor like MS Word, Vellum is tailor-made for creating amazing eBooks and printed books. This is a great product with many beneficial features and advantages suitable for both writers, as well as, their publishers. It has an intuitive design and comes with inbuilt themes (i.e., different preloaded skins) for developing professionally-looking books, as well as printing. The same applies to Vellum which supports porting of books to Kindle and Google Docs among other popular systems used by writers. Besides that, at Vellum there is a free trial for users to evaluate whether they would buy and use the goods. Vellum uses a flat fee model where customers pay once and can use it as long as they desire – this makes sense, especially to independent writers or even small companies. This software has been reviewed by reviewers and users positively saying that it is easy to use and it turns beautiful books into PDF files. All the mentioned properties and lower prices put Vellum among the best book formatting procedures for authors.


 Pressbooks is considered one of the best book formatting software available. It provides authors and publishers with a wide range of features and benefits that make the process of creating, editing, and formatting books much easier and more efficient. With its user-friendly interface, Pressbooks allows users to customize their book's layout, fonts, and formatting styles, ensuring a professional and visually appealing end product. Moreover, Pressbooks comes equipped with advanced features like interactive elements, footnotes, and bibliographies, enhancing the reader's experience. As for pricing and availability, Pressbooks offers different plans tailored to meet the needs and budgets of authors and publishers, with prices starting at an affordable rate. Furthermore, it is available on multiple platforms, making it accessible to users worldwide. When it comes to user reviews and ratings, Pressbooks has received positive feedback from authors and publishers who appreciate its ease of use, functionality, and the professional quality of the final product.

Professional Book Formatting Software Platforms

best book formatting software

Adobe InDesign

One of the most acknowledged book formatting software in the market is Adobe Indesign. It is a vital book formatting tool that has various features and benefits making it useful for professional formatting. This software has an array of resources such as improved fonts, and different patterns of writing, and it supports multiple file types helping individuals to fully direct how they want the book to show. Additionally, InDesign gives designers an opportunity of creating interactive digital publications, thus fitting for traditional printing as well as online publishing.
Regarding its pricing and accessibility, Adobe InDesign is a software that forms part of Adobe’s Creative Cloud. Different users’ needs vary, so there are many pricing options available. It also makes it more flexible and affordable for independent authors and small publishing houses with tight budgets.
Adobe InDesign has been highly rated by user reviews with regard to its functionality and interface simplicity. Customers emphasize on its strong features and power which are some of the best things that make it popular in book formatting. Looking into next year, it can be said that Adobe InDesign will remain top of the world’s book suppliers list giving authors and editors what they need to produce quality books.


Scrivener can be described as one of the most outstanding book-writing software at present. It has numerous functions and advantages; thus, writing is very easy when formatting a book as any author. Scrivener is a tool that helps users organize their research and all writing documents systematically, thereby enabling them to remain focused on their writing process. It gives an adaptable and user-friendly interface that enables one to work without much hassle. Moreover, Scrivener has different templates, styles, and formats that can enable an author to customize a book based on his/her choices.
Scrivener comes with different versions of prices for Windows and Mac users when it comes to availability and pricing. You can purchase it at or download their free trial just to make sure whether you would be happy with this package.
Scrivener has received positive user reviews and ratings, especially when it comes to writing a book. They have earned good ratings by providing easy-to-use programs with many components and exceptional services. In summary, Scrivener is a great option for authors who want an all-in-one easy-to-use book format.


 QuarkXPress claims to be the ultimate software for authors, professionals, and aspiring that is. It gives users features with benefits that allow them to be guaranteed the best way to format their books with its tools. Offers a whole range of layouts and designs to work with, all designed to display your content most appealingly. QuarkXPress also enjoys a cross-platform compatibility structure that eases the ability to use different devices interchangeably.
Pricing and availability are also the aspects to look into in the case of QuarkXPress. The software is pretty affordably priced for the features and capabilities it offers. It can be availed for purchase through the official website of QuarkXPress and authorized resellers. Further, flexible subscription plans to get it on rent exist for those wanting a pocket-friendly option as well.
Reviews and ratings of users regarding QuarkXPress are mostly positive. Users like user-friendly software and its ability to perform complex formatting of the tasks seamlessly. On the other hand, others see value in the constant updates and improvements that QuarkXPress offer which sees to it that the software is updated to current standards of an ever-changing industry. Overall, it is highly recommended for authors who are looking into book formatting software that would effectively produce desirable results as the pay will definitely be worth the purchase. 

Free Book Formatting Software Platforms

best book formatting software


Recognized as top-tier book arrangement software in the industry, Sigil brings a thorough range of features that make it an indispensable tool for writers and publishers. It allows simple modification of your manuscript into diverse formats like EPUB or MOBI, thereby catering to various e-readers and systems. Regarded highly is its straightforward interface enabling users to traverse their file system with ease while tweaking their materials concurrently. Further advanced attributes include spell-check abilities, automatic creation of table contents, and metadata amendment which streamline the entire formatting phase effectively. Notable amongst competitors not just for its superior functionalities but at such low cost - truly defines affordability without compromise on quality! Compatibility across key operating platforms namely Windows, Macintosh & Linux adds another feather to Sigil's cap; earning rave reviews from satisfied clientele who attribute decrease in time spent arranging books drastically aside improvement noted on overall manuscript refinement.


Regarded as a top-tier choice for book formatting tools, Draft2Digital is highly recognized in the industry. This software presents authors with an extensive array of functionalities and advantages that aid flawless book formation. Authors can effortlessly convert their writings into several formats like EPUB, MOBI, or PDF by using this tool which complements various e-readers and gadgets. An integral perk to choosing Draft2Digital lies within its intuitive interface allowing straightforward navigation- even without technical know-how. Furthermore, it provides multiple customization alternatives from adding professional fonts to headers along with other design add-ons enriching the aesthetic appeal of any written work. Draft2Digtal brings financial practicality through availing a no-cost account option making it affordable not just for seasoned but aspiring writers too on pricing and availability terms.It also accommodates distributing books across numerous online retailers such as Amazon, Apple Books Barnes & Noble plus Kobo thereby broadening the author's horizon towards vast potential readership. User reviews position high value upon Draft2Digitial given positive feedback centered around reliability swift use alongside attentive customer service.Advancement offered by app efficient publishing capabilities coupled speedily released publications boosts its acclaim data share express effectiveness worthiness attributed toward overall review score defining spotlight digitalbook format solution.


 Calibre is widely considered as the best book formatting software available in the market today. With its user-friendly interface and extensive set of features, authors can easily format and convert their books into various formats, such as EPUB, MOBI, and PDF. One of the greatest advantages of using Calibre is its ability to format your book according to different e-readers and devices, ensuring that your content looks professional and visually appealing across different platforms. Additionally, it offers comprehensive editing tools, table of contents generation, and the ability to add images and multimedia elements. Calibre also supports metadata editing, allowing authors to include all the necessary information about their books. As for pricing, Calibre is completely free and available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. Because of its exceptional performance, it has received numerous positive user reviews and high ratings from authors and publishers worldwide. Its powerful features, cost-effective pricing, and positive reputation make Calibre the ultimate choice for anyone looking to format their books easily and efficiently.

Book Design Templates

Book design templates have become an invaluable asset to writers and publishing houses wanting a pro-level format for their books. Leveraging top-notch software crafted specifically for book formatting, these authors can generate an appealing, unified aesthetic that elevates the engagement of readers. These predesigned blueprints bring along multiple beneficial properties such as readymade layouts ripe with customization options on fonts & colors supplemented by image or graphic insertion scope. They are serious time-savers while ensuring consistency across your entire manuscript in terms of design nuances. Costs and accessibility aspects linked to these templates might fluctuate according to provider specifics about level limitations placed upon customization possibilities offered by them; few may even be free whereas others demand either a one-time payment structure or some kind of periodic membership fee arrangement instead. It’s vital henceforth: both publishers & authors do well thought out comparative probing evaluations between differing contenders based at least partially around budgets with requirements considerations before making any selection calls about a fitting template option suited tellingly towards optimally arranging individual works-- scanning through user feedback commentary vis-à-vis reviewing rating scores could prove quite handy during this decisional phase.".


Summing up, it's vital for indie authors aiming to create a professional presentation of their written work to track down the optimum book layout program. Given the vast variety at hand, picking out the prime platform could turn overwhelming. Nonetheless, after thorough exploration and study, we've gathered an overview of top-tier book formatting software platforms tailored specifically for self-published writers. These systems carry diverse features and functions aimed precisely toward the author's requirements and tastes. When selecting your ideal book assembling tool one should bear in mind aspects such as ease-of-use, tweaking abilities or compatibility with assorted file types besides cost-effectiveness - all meaningful factors! Writers are urged to venture into these options whilst pinpointing which truly aligns best with them individually; ensuring that they professionally format their creation fostering thereby its potential market success.

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