5-Year-Long Dream of Becoming a Bestselling Author Finally Comes True for This Coach


Client: Nicole F. Smith

Book: 20 Golden Leadership Nuggets

Genre: Leadership

Takeaway: A bestseller is very possible, even if you’re the busiest person in the world


Nicole F. Smith, an accomplished leadership professional, had mastered the art of coaching leaders with her decade-long experience. Still, she had a dream, untouched and unfulfilled. She wished to encapsulate her years of wisdom into a bestselling book, a dream that couldn’t take flight for five long years due to her busy schedule. Her quest for realizing her dream ended when she discovered Authors On Mission.


Before Authors On Mission:

The Challenge

Imagine having a treasure of knowledge you wish to share but the pressing demands of life keep you from doing so. That's where Nicole found herself. Her bustling schedule made the journey from dreaming about writing a book to actually penning one seem insurmountable. Nicole's wisdom needed a platform to inspire and guide future leaders.

The Approach

Nicole took the initiative and reached out to Authors On Mission. If you're someone who's been holding back due to time constraints or doubts about writing your own book, you can take inspiration from Nicole's approach. Our team, at Authors On Mission, was thrilled to help Nicole materialize her vision. Our in-house writer immersed themselves in Nicole's world, spending 24 focused hours to shape her ideas into a compelling manuscript.

After Authors On Mission


The result of this dedicated effort was Nicole's debut book, '20 Golden Leadership Nuggets,' which, within two months of its launch, became a #1 bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories, including Management & Leadership and Total Quality Management.


Additional Achievements

Nicole’s book also got a makeover! The Authors On Mission team swiftly and efficiently updated the cover, demonstrating our commitment to your book's success even after its publication.


Impact on Nicole's Business

Are you an expert in your field wishing to expand your reach? Look at what Nicole's bestselling book did for her. It unlocked doors to numerous podcasts, speaking opportunities, and even brought more clients for her workshops and coaching programs.


Nicole's Testimonial

In a heartwarming testimonial, Nicole described how Authors On Mission made her journey smooth and rewarding. From patience to professionalism, she appreciated it all. Nicole now enjoys the status of a number one bestselling author, a feat she attributes to Authors On Mission.


Nicole's story is a testament to the power of dreams and the right partnerships. It’s a demonstration of what you too can achieve with Authors On Mission. We transformed Nicole's dream into reality, and we’re ready to do the same for you. Your insights, experiences, and wisdom deserve to be shared with the world. Let us help you craft your dream book and reach a wider audience.

Start your journey with Authors On Mission today and become the next inspiring success story. Because the world needs your wisdom, and we’re here to help you share it.


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